According to Hoyle


      • To do something by the book or according to the established rules and guidelines
        To emphasize the importance of following proper procedures or playing by the rules in a particular situation or activity

      • To be of the highest quality or standard
        To describe something as being done with the utmost precision and excellence, often used in a sarcastic or ironic manner

      • To be authentic or genuine
        To refer to something as being done in the correct or traditional manner, without any shortcuts or deviations

    Examples of According to Hoyle

    • "According to Hoyle, this hand is a royal flush."

      The idiom "According to Hoyle" means following the rules or guidelines strictly and accurately. In this example, it is used to indicate that the hand in question meets the highest possible standard for a poker hand, as defined by the rules established by Edmond Hoyle, a famous author of books on card games in the 18th century.2. Piece of cake

    • "The final exam was a piece of cake."

      The idiom "piece of cake" is used to describe an easy task or activity. In this example, it is used to convey that the final exam was not difficult at all and could be completed with relative ease.3. Pulling all the stops out

    • "The hotel is pulling all the stops out to impress their VIP guests."

      The idiom "pulling all the stops out" is used to describe an all-out effort or the use of all available resources to achieve a particular goal. In this example, it is used to indicate that the hotel is going to great lengths to provide an exceptional experience for their most important guests.4. Break a leg

    • "Break a leg in your audition tomorrow!"

      The idiom "break a leg" is used as a well-meaning expression of good luck, particularly in the context of a performance or competition. In this example, it is used to wish the person success in their audition the following day.5. Raining cats and dogs

    • "It's raining cats and dogs outside."

      The idiom "raining cats and dogs" is used to describe heavy rainfall. In this example, it is used to convey that the rain outside is falling extremely heavily.


    The phrase "according to Hoyle" has a few different meanings, but they all revolve around the idea of following established rules and procedures. Whether it is used to advise against a certain course of action, highlight the importance of doing something correctly, or sarcastically emphasize the excellence of a task, this idiom conveys a sense of adhering to a set standard.

    In addition to its main usage as a way to emphasize following rules, "according to Hoyle" can also be used to describe something as being of the highest quality or authenticity. This usage may stem from the fact that Hoyle was a famous writer on card games, and his name became synonymous with playing by the rules and being an expert in the field.

    Origin of "According to Hoyle"

    The phrase "according to Hoyle" is believed to originate from the English writer Edmond Hoyle, who is known for his works on the rules and strategies of various card games. His books were widely popular and became the standard reference for playing card games, hence the phrase came to represent following the proper rules and guidelines.

    The idiom first appeared in the 19th century and has since been used in various contexts, not just in relation to card games. It has become a versatile phrase that can be used in both serious and humorous situations to convey the idea of following established procedures and adhering to a set standard.