a hidden gem


      • something valuable that is not widely known or recognized
        To describe something, like a place or a person, that is special and not well-known

      • a small but precious object
        Referring to a small item that holds significant value or importance

    Examples of a hidden gem

    • The quaint little cafe tucked away in an alleyway is a hidden gem in the heart of the city. Its cozy atmosphere and delicious pastries make it a hidden treasure for those in the know.

      The phrase "hidden gem" is used to describe something exceptional that is not widely known or easily discovered. In this example, the cafe is not immediately noticeable as it is located in a hidden alleyway. However, its unique qualities, such as its cozy atmosphere and delicious pastries, make it a hidden treasure for those who stumble upon it.

    • She's a hidden gem, an unsigned singer with a captivating voice that will take the music industry by storm once she's discovered.

      This example uses the idiom to describe a person, in this case, an unsigned singer. The idiom suggests that the person possesses remarkable talent that is not yet widely recognized by the industry or general public. It implies that the person will eventually gain fame and success once they are discovered.

    • The breathtaking sunset over the ocean was a hidden gem that I stumbled upon accidentally while hiking along the coast. It was a moment of serene beauty that left me in awe.

      This example uses the idiom to describe a natural scene. It suggests that the sunset was an unexpected and uncommon sight that was not readily apparent to most observers, but was a deeply moving and memorable experience for the person who witnessed it.

    • The little-known painting in the museum's collection, which had been overlooked for years, turned out to be a hidden gem that captivated art critics and collectors alike. Its rich colors and symbolic imagery revealed a depth of meaning that had eluded previous generations of viewers.

      This example uses the idiom to describe a work of art. It implies that the painting was not immediately recognized as a significant piece due to its obscurity or lack of exposure, but its inherent value and artistic merit were ultimately recognized by knowledgeable and discerning viewers.

    • This small coffee shop tucked away on a quiet street is a hidden gem. It serves the most delicious pastries and coffee.

      The phrase "hidden gem" is used to describe a place, object, or event that is not well known but is highly valued and appreciated. It represents a unique and special find that is worth seeking out. In this example, the coffee shop is located in a less busy area, making it less visible to the general public, but it has exceptional pastries and coffee, which makes it a must-visit spot for coffee lovers.

    • I stumbled upon a hidden gem while exploring the city. It was a little art gallery showcasing the works of local artists. The paintings were breathtaking, and I left feeling inspired.

      This example illustrates how the idiom can be used to describe a place or an object that is unexpectedly discovered through chance or exploration. The art gallery in this example is not widely known, but its remarkable collection of art pieces makes it a gem worth discovering.

    • My friend introduced me to a hidden gem in the music scene. It was a band that played unique and captivating music, and their performance left us in awe.

      This example highlights how the phrase "hidden gem" can refer to something intangible, such as a musical talent or a unique style of music. It illustrates how discovering something new and exceptional can be a special experience.

    • My grandmother's kitchen is a hidden gem in my family. It's where she makes the most delicious meals, and every kind of aroma fills the air. She has handed down traditional family recipes for generations, and eating her food is like devouring a piece of our history.

      In this example, the idiom is used to describe an intangible object, such as a space charged with memories and traditions. The kitchen in this example is not extravagant or fancy but has sentimental value, and it's where the family's legacy is preserved through the delicious food prepared by the grandmother.


    "A hidden gem" is a phrase used to talk about things that are valuable but not easily discovered. It can refer to a place, a person, or even an object that is special in some way but not widely recognized. When someone calls something a hidden gem, they are usually highlighting its uniqueness and worth, suggesting that it is deserving of attention or appreciation despite being overlooked by many.

    People often use this idiom to draw attention to hidden treasures that they have come across, whether it's a quaint coffee shop in a quiet neighborhood or a talented artist who is not yet well-known. By describing something as a hidden gem, they are emphasizing its hidden beauty or value, inviting others to explore and discover it for themselves.

    Origin of "a hidden gem"

    The origin of the idiom "hidden gem" can be traced back to the idea of finding a precious stone or jewel that is hidden or not easily visible. In the context of language, the phrase likely emerged as a metaphorical way to talk about discovering something valuable that is not immediately apparent. Just like stumbling upon a hidden gem while mining for precious stones, calling something a hidden gem suggests that it is a rare and valuable find that is not easily stumbled upon.

    Over time, the idiom has evolved to encompass a wider range of meanings beyond just precious stones. It is now commonly used in everyday language to talk about anything that is valuable, special, or unique but not widely recognized. Whether it's a small, obscure restaurant with amazing food or a little-known book that becomes a favorite, the phrase "hidden gem" continues to capture the essence of discovering something wonderful in unexpected places.