A hard man is good to find


      • unique and valuable qualities being hard to come by
        Refer to someone with rare or exceptional qualities or skills that are not easily found in others. Often used in a humorous or ironic way.

      • someone who is tough and resilient
        Describe a person who is strong, resilient, and able to handle difficult situations or challenges. Can also be used to describe someone who is physically tough and able to withstand pain.

      • someone who is difficult to please or impress
        Refer to a person who has high standards and is not easily impressed, often in terms of relationships or dating. Can also be used to describe someone who is picky or hard to satisfy in general.

    Examples of A hard man is good to find

    • In a sea of gentle men, it's refreshing to come across a confident and unyielding man. It's as if finding a hard man is a rare gem in a vast ocean.

      This example highlights the idiom "A hard man is good to find" by portraying a scenario where a hard man, who is confident and unyielding, is hard to come by. The phrase "a sea of gentle men" refers to a situation where most men are not assertive enough, making it a rarity to find a "hard" man. This metaphor draws a connection between finding a hard man and finding a precious gem, making it a pleasant surprise.

    • After a series of disappointing relationships, finding a man who is equally tough and kind is a blessing. It's like winning the lottery twice.

      This example gives a modern take on the idiom "A hard man is good to find" by applying it to romantic relationships. The phrase "a series of disappointing relationships" implies that the speaker has gone through a string of unsuccessful relationships. Finding a man who is simultaneously tough and kind is like hitting the jackpot twice, as it's a rare combination that most people might not find. This example connects the idiom to winning the lottery, emphasizing the improbability and excitement of finding a hard man in this context.

    • In the competitive business world, it's commendable to come across a tough and reliable partner. It's a relief to work with someone who can handle the pressure.

      This example applies the idiom "A hard man is good to find" to a professional context. The phrase "the competitive business world" refers to a tough and demanding work environment. Finding a tough and reliable partner is a desirable situation as it provides support and reliability, which is hard to come by. This example highlights the importance of finding a strong partner in a professional setting, as it's beneficial to work with someone who can handle the pressure.

    • In the pursuit of success, it's essential to surround oneself with people who are equally driven and strong-willed. Some may call it a hard man's world, but it comes with its benefits.

      This example uses the idiom "A hard man is good to find" to describe a world where success is hard to come by, and the people in it are equally driven and strong-willed. The phrase "some may call it a hard man's world" refers to the fact that the world of success can be harsh, and it's not for everyone. However, being in such an environment comes with its benefits, as it surrounds the individual with like-minded people who are equally strong-willed and driven. This example highlights the paradoxical nature of the idiom, as it describes an environment that's tough to be in but beneficial nevertheless. This example portrays the idiom as being applicable to a broad range of contexts.

    • In the wild world of business, where cutthroat competition and ruthless deal-making are a norm, it's tough to come across genuine and trustworthy individuals. That's why they say, "A hard man is good to find."

      This idiom means that it's difficult to locate someone who is both tough and reliable, especially in situations where one expects deceit and treachery. The phrase "hard man" refers to a person who is strong-willed, resolute, and steadfast. The idiom implies that such individuals are rare finds, and their presence is appreciated and admired. In the context of business, this idiom can be applied to describe a business partner, mentor, or colleague who is not only successful but also upholds the values of honesty, integrity, and fair play.

    • In her line of work, Myra had met plenty of men, but a hard man was still good to find.

      This idiom means that a man who is strong, reliable, and trustworthy is difficult to come by, so finding someone with those qualities is beneficial. In this example, the speaker (Myra) is implying that she has encountered many men in her profession, but those who possess desirable attributes like toughness, dependability, and integrity are hard to find.

    • Even after years of searching, she still found it challenging to come across a hard man.

      This is another way of expressing the difficulty in finding a good man. The speaker (presumably the same Myra from the previous example) has been actively looking for someone who fits the "hard man" mold for an extended period, but the search continues to prove challenging.

    • The heroine of the novel was a magnet for weak and feeble men. She longed for a hard man, someone who could protect her and stand up to her enemies.

      This example illustrates the complementary nature of the idiom. When paired with its opposite, "a soft man," it indicates that someone who is tender and vulnerable is undesirable in certain situations. In this case, the protagonist is tired of being associated with soft or weak men and desires someone who is hard and capable of safeguarding her.


    Overall, the idiom "a hard man is good to find" is used to describe someone who possesses unique and valuable qualities, is tough and resilient, or is difficult to please or impress. It suggests that such individuals are rare and not easily found, making them desirable or valuable.

    Origin of "A hard man is good to find"

    The origin of this idiom is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have roots in Irish or Scottish sayings. One theory suggests that it may stem from the saying "a good man is hard to find," which was later altered to create a humorous or ironic twist. Another theory suggests that it may have originated as a ribald joke, with "hard man" referring to a man's physical attributes.

    The idiom gained popularity in the 20th century and has been used in various contexts, from literature and music to everyday conversation. It has also been adapted and modified, with variations such as "a good woman is hard to find" or "a hard worker is good to find." Regardless of its origins, the idiom continues to be used today to describe individuals with exceptional qualities or characteristics.