Running the Extra Mile

Lara completes a grueling 100-mile ultramarathon, learning about endurance and perseverance.

Running the Extra Mile

Lara was always told that life was a marathon, not a sprint. As a long-distance runner, this phrase resonated with her deeply. She had always aimed to hit the ground running, but her latest challenge was the toughest yet - a 100-mile ultramarathon.

The race day arrived, and Lara was on pins and needles. She started strong, keeping pace with the front runners. But as miles passed, her energy started to wane. Remembering her coach's words, "Every cloud has a silver lining," she pushed through. When she felt like giving up, she told herself to keep her eye on the prize.

Crossing the finish line, Lara realized that it's not the distance that beats you; it's the pace. This race was not just about running; it was about enduring and going the distance. She had truly gone the extra mile, both literally and figuratively.