A Leap of Faith: Freddie's Jungle Adventure

Adventurous frog learns about preparation and courage in the Jungle Olympics.

A Leap of Faith

In the dense jungles of Amazonia, there lived a frog named Freddie who always leaped before he looked. His friends often told him he was skating on thin ice, but Freddie loved the thrill. One day, Freddie decided to jump the gun and participate in the annual Jungle Olympics without practicing. His friends were worried, but Freddie was as confident as a lion.

During the long jump event, Freddie realized he was in hot water when he saw the competition. Despite his fear, Freddie took a deep breath and made his jump. To everyone's surprise, he landed just short of the record. Freddie didn't win, but he learned that sometimes, you have to grab the bull by the horns and face your fears head-on.