A Day with the Donkeys

Little Lucy enjoys a donkey ride on Blackpool's beach, learning about care and friendship.

A Day with the Donkeys

Lucy, a little girl, went to Blackpool for a holiday. She was as happy as a clam to see the beach donkeys. She had never ridden a donkey before and was very excited.

Donkey Ride

Lucy chose a gentle donkey named Daisy. Riding Daisy along the beach was a barrel of laughs. Lucy felt like she was on top of the world. She laughed and waved to her parents.

New Friends

After the ride, Lucy fed Daisy some carrots. She learned that taking care of animals is important. Lucy felt like she had made a new friend in Daisy.

Fond Farewell

When it was time to leave, Lucy was a little sad, but she knew she would remember this day forever. She learned that new experiences can be fun and that animals can be great friends. She waved goodbye to Daisy, hoping to return to Blackpool soon.